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If you want to eat a healthy, nutritious menu, you have to purchase and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh meat.

Fresh groceries must be stored until preparation or you will have a refrigerator full of moldy fruit, wilty veggies and rancid meat… all of which are highly inedible, in case you were curious.

I feel horribly guilty when I’m wasteful with food, especially since I’ve been doing research as to how many people in the United States don’t have food to waste. I’m convinced the purchasable portions are too large for a normal married couple to consume in proper time.

My guilt (and my budget) will thank me: How to store fresh produce and meat.

The girls at Healthy Diaries keep greens, such as Romaine lettuce and kale, fresh by washing and drying them thoroughly, and then wrapping them in a paper towel and storing in a plastic…

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