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R and I took a short trip to San Antonio for a couple of days and we had a really good time. Our last trip to San Antonio included visiting the Alamo, Missions, and the Japanese gardens.  That was great fun!  This time we decided to do something a little different.  We went horseback riding!  Unlike R who had been on a horse when he was a child, the closest I have ever come to a horse are the ones that you see in Central Park or when a police officer on horseback goes by.  Needless to say we set out on quite an adventure!

So we visited the Twin Elm Ranch, located in Bandera, Texas (about 1 hour outside of San Antonio).  Our wrangler’s name was Justin and he was real cowboy!  He’s been riding and roping since he was a child in Oklahoma.  He showed us how to mount a horse, hold the reins and turn the horse left or right.  My horse’s name was Willy, and he had all the personality. As we went along the trail, he stopped to eat grass; look at the flowers and most of the time just wanted to stop and smell the roses. The horses are well trained and are used to being used as riding horses, so they were docile and knew the trail well.  It was a wonderful experience and just another thing checked off of my “must do” bucket list!