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I am so psyched today because I had a great baking success last night.

So, for the last couple of weeks I haven’t baked any bread because my last attempt was somewhat of a big FLOP!  Every week instead of getting better my homemade bread was getting heavier and denser.  Plus, it wasn’t rising as it should, so my loaves were much smaller than expected.  Anyway, about three weeks ago, I baked and this was the result:

Before I used vital wheat gluten

My bread hadn’t risen and I could use it to bat for the NY Yankees!  Just horrible.  It was all inedible.  This failure inspired me to start researching homemade whole grain bread.  The more I read, the more I realized that I was missing a key ingredient to making my homemade grain bread rise and be lighter.  The answer to my problems Vital Wheat Gluten flour (yes the same thing used to make seitan)!  Just a few tablespoons of gluten flour made my bread rise beautifully and my loaves are light and moist. YAY!

After I used vital wheat gluten